Transboundary Riparian Areas 2013

Riparian areas within the Milk River transboundary watershed.

Alberta data: Base Data provided by Spatial Data Warehouse Ltd. Riparian Areas obtained from the “Ecological Range Sites and Reference Native Plant Communities” inventory classification, developed by Barry Adams, Public Lands Division, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development and LandWise Incorporated, and derived from the Agricultural Region of Alberta Soil Inventory Database (AGRASID 3.0), developed by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration, Ducks Unlimited, and Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. Montana data: Road network provided by Montana Dept. of Transportation/Planning/Data & Statistics Bureau/RIM. Municipalities provided by Montana Base Map Service Center, Department of Administration, Information Technology Services Division. Hydrography provided by USGS National Hydrography Dataset/USDA NRCS Watershed Boundary Dataset. Riparian Areas derived from landcover 2010 provided by the Montana Natural Heritage Program. Saskatchewan data: Roads (National Road Network) and Hydrography © Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved. Urban Places provided by Saskatchewan Research Council. Riparian Areas obtained from the alluvial floodplain category of Surficial Geology of the Cypress Lake and Wood Mountain map areas provided by the Geological Survey of Canada © Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved.

Categories: Watershed Maps
Tags: riparian, riparian areas