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St Mary/Milk Diversion operations update

April 15, 2024 Diversions from the St Mary’s to the North Fork Milk River are restarting for the season, flows have started to ramp up this past weekend and will increase to 600cfs Tuesday April 16th, 2024, we will see near bank full conditions along much of the Milk River by mid week. It is…

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Wild Nights Monitoring Project

What is the project about? In 2024 the Milk River Watershed Council Canada (MRWCC) will be creating a comprehensive inventory and distribution of bats and amphibians, with emphasis on the endangered Little Brown Myotis and threatened Northern Leopard Frog across private lands within the Milk River Watershed. This is to help us grow our understanding…

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May 30, 2024    
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Attention Milk River Watershed Council Canada members; The Annual General Meeting will take place on May 30th from 10am to 12pm at the County of [...]

River Conditions Update

Diversion Start Date

Releases from Lake Sherburne and diversions to the St. Mary Canal are expected to start for the year on March 25, 2024. As in the past, St. Mary Canal diversions will start near 100 cfs and ramp up as ice is cleared from infrastructure. It was noted at the February 15th International Joint Commission –…

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Alberta River Basins

Visit Alberta River Basins for simple, geography-based access to river, lake, precipitation, and snow pillow stations and their data in Alberta.

Exploring the Milk River

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According to the USBR, River flows will decrease slightly over the weekend with the dialing back of the St Mary diversion from 600 to 500 cfsEnjoy a safe, and wet, long weekend! LAKE SHERBURNE RELEASE AND ST MARY CANAL DIVERSION CHANGESOn Friday, May 17, 2024:Decrease release from Lake Sherburne to 350 cfsDecrease diversion to the St. Mary Canal to 550 cfsOn Saturday, May 18, 2024:Decrease release from Lake Sherburne to 300 cfsDecrease diversion to the St. Mary Canal to 500 cfs ... See MoreSee Less
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What's in the Watershed Wednesday! This week we have the Sprague's pipit 🐦. The Sprague's pipit is a small, ground dwelling bird found in many natural grassland areas! They enjoy spending time with cattle and nest in the long grass. This is a species of special concern in Alberta. Being an insect specialist, they can make insect control easy! ... See MoreSee Less
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It's not too late! We are still in search of landowners who would like to participate in the Wild Nights Monitoring Project. If you are interested, or have any questions please contact Tyler Eresman at (403)647-4035 or tyler@mrwcc.ca Or you can visit mrwcc.ca/2024/04/wild-nights-monitoring-project/ for more information! ... See MoreSee Less
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What's in the Watershed Wednesday is back! This week is the western hognose snake 🐍. The western hognose snake is a venomous snake here in southern Alberta. Being listed as may be at risk, these snakes are incredibly hard to come by! Although they have been regarded as friendly to people, still use caution. They can pack a nasty bite! ... See MoreSee Less
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The St Mary Diversion to the Milk River is now operating at 600cfs(~16.9m3/s), since yesterday, the Milk River has risen considerably and is now at approximately 15.8m3/s at the town of Milk River. Flows may increase more over the next 24hrs, likely stabilizing around 18m3/s. Take a look at the rivers.alberta.ca/ website or Rivers app for current conditions! New - the Water Survey of Canada has a live camera at the monitoring station in Milk River to view current conditions. ... See MoreSee Less
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Featured Plans and Studies

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This project studies the erosion processes and potential impacts in the watershed.

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The 2nd edition of the report documenting general trends in the Milk River watershed.

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Recommendations on natural resource management.