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In 2024 the MRWCC will be creating a comprehensive inventory and distribution of bats and …
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A final update and completed summary of the Securing a Home For Bats Project.
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“Producers Leading the Way” took a new approach to cow/calf producer engagement. An online
survey was deployed to all known cow/calf producers within the four local counties: Cardston,
Cypress, Forty Mile and Warner.

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This study assessed the impact of WPAC initiatives on municipal watershed management and planning.


In the climate we live in, low water landscaping is ideal. It requires minimal water and maintenance.

With this project, MRWCC is partnering with the Geological Survey of Canada and they seek collaboration with resource managers, stakeholders and community members across all borders to better understand the common groundwater resource. 

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The program forms the baseline for long-term water quality monitoring in the Milk River watershed.

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Water supply is a legitimate concern in the Milk River watershed during dry summer months.  …
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Benthic invertebrates are aquatic animals without backbones that dwell in or on the bottom sediments …
Groundwater is one integral resource in the watershed that the MRWCC would like to understand …
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The purpose of this project is to identify and document important roost sites being used by the Little Brown Myotis throughout the watershed.

Background: The purpose of this project is to accurately account for the irrigation water use …