Transboundary Oil And Gas 2013

Oil and gas industry activities within the Milk River transboundary watershed.

Alberta data: Base Data provided by Spatial Data Warehouse Ltd. Pipelines and Wellsite data provided by IHS Energy (Canada) Ltd. and reformatted by Informatics Branch, Corporate Services Division, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. Montana data: Road network provided by Montana Dept. of Transportation/Planning/Data & Statistics Bureau/RIM. Municipalities provided by Montana Base Map Service Center, Department of Administration, Information Technology Services Division. Hydrography provided by USGS National Hydrography Dataset/USDA NRCS Watershed Boundary Dataset. Managed Areas (Land Ownership) provided by Montana Natural Heritage Program. Wellsites provided by Montana Board of Oil and Gas. Saskatchewan data: Roads (National Road Network) and Hydrography © Department of Natural Resources Canada. All rights reserved. Urban Places provided by Saskatchewan Research Council. Land Ownership provided by Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, sourced: Her Majesty The Queen in Right of Saskatchewan, Land Ownership. First Nations Reserves provided by Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan. Wellsites extracted from Saskatchewan Geological Atlas (Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources). Pipelines provided by CanVec base data © Department of Natural Resources Canada, Earth Sciences Sector, Mapping Services Branch. All rights reserved.

Categories: Watershed Maps
Tags: gas, oil, oil and gas