Best-Beef Stewardship Contest

Are you a beef producer who operates in the Milk River watershed? We want to give our producers an opportunity to spotlight what they do and why they do it!

Livestock grazing is not only essential to the integrity of farming and ranching communities, but critically important to the stewardship of our grasslands home to critical habitat for over 80% of the species at risk found within Alberta. This project will help to inform consumers from across southern Alberta the important role livestock production plays in stewardship of water, grasslands, and biodiversity.

10 producers will be selected by committee to have their operations profiled including a 2-minute video highlight of their operation, livestock, and connections to the land, water, and biodiversity.

  • The winning producer will receive a farm gate sign and award
  • All participating producers will have their stories featured highlighting their operation and their contribution to land, water, and biodiversity in the watershed.

If you have any questions please contact

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