Annual Report 2014-2015


John A. Ross

We are excited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Milk River Watershed Council Canada. In our first 10 years we have undertaken many studies such as water quality, erosion and sedimentation, water supply, in-stream flow needs, microbial source tracking and other watershed improvement projects. During this time we have published two State of the Watershed Reports (SOW) which document general trends in the condition of natural resources in the watershed. The most recent “Transboundary” SOW report is a significant achievement in moving towards resource management that is uninhibited by political boundaries. Furthermore, we have produced an Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP), a living document intended as a guideline to be used by residents, organizations, and all levels of government to aid in planning and creating policies. This work would have not been possible if it wasn’t for our numerous partners who share an interest in the Milk River Watershed.

Of course we can’t do all this without good people and I think I am surrounded by the best. The people who have contributed their time and effort on the Board of Directors have changed a lot since the beginning, but the goal has remained the same; ‘to achieve balance among a thriving community, a healthy environment and a prosperous economy through understanding, dialogue and action’.

Many thanks go to past Board of Directors and Team members who contributed their time and knowledge to a great cause, making our slice of Alberta a better place.

Our staff make things happen and my thanks go out to Tim Romanow, Mary Lupwayi, Cyd Cunningham, and Sandi Riemersma for getting the job done and keeping us moving forward.

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