Annual Report 2006-2007

Year in Review – A Report from the Chair

by Tom Gilchrist The MRWCC has completed its first year of operation. Directors were elected and an executive committee chosen. The board negotiated a contract with Sandi Riemersma to provide administrative and project coordination services. This was a fortunate move because Sandi managed the establishment of our Council for AENV. Goals have been set and 4 active teams are working energetically to reach those goals. The Team reports provide details of their programs.

Our operating funds are provided by grants from the provincial Water for Life Strategy, administered by Alberta Environment (AENV). The grant process had some hold ups as our grant application was not filed until September 2006. AENV then informed us that we would receive 50% of the requested amount. This issue took 3 months to resolve. The outcome of meetings and representations was a grant amount placed in our hands at the end of December for 80% of the original request. Additional funds were provided to assist us with the preparation of the Milk River State of the Watershed Report. This was gratefully received.

Your board is composed of energetic people that are very interested in our watershed. As a result, the Teams are active and moving ahead rapidly on their project schedules. Sandi is providing enthusiastic coordination of all these activities. Our major project is the production of a State of the Watershed (SOW) Report. Fortunately, the SOW Team has access to the socio-economic sections of the Milk River Feasibility Study completed by Klohn Crippen, engineering consultants.

We are also receiving a great amount of support through partnerships with the Alberta Conservation Association, Operation Grassland Community, Ducks Unlimited, Cows and Fish, Sustainable Resource Development, PFRA, Alberta Environment and others. This will enable us to produce a quality report at much lower cost.

Your Council looks forward to an active, productive year ahead and recognizes the commitment of its directors and residents of the watershed.

Submitted by Tom Gilchrist, Chair

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