Wild Nights Monitoring Project

What is the project about?

In 2024 the Milk River Watershed Council Canada (MRWCC) will be creating a comprehensive inventory and distribution of bats and amphibians, with emphasis on the endangered Little Brown Myotis and threatened Northern Leopard Frog across private lands within the Milk River Watershed. This is to help us grow our understanding of these species at risk and to aid in preserving their habitat.

Why Bats and Amphibians?

Bats and amphibians are both experiencing population declines, and they need our help. Not only are they important insectivores that keep insect populations in check, their presence indicates a well functioning landscape. They are both facing numerous threats including habitat loss and disease. By participating in this project not only are you helping us understand their current presence in the watershed, but in protecting their habitat as well.

What’s in it for you?

Every landowner who participates in the project will receive a “report card” that will include a species report, site assessment, and water quality report. It will also be possible for them to be eligible for enhancement projects.

Funding for enhancement projects!

Landowners who participate in the monitoring program will be eligible for projects aimed at enhancing or protecting habitat found to be of importance to the Little Brown Myotis, or Northern Leopard Frog. These projects could include alternate watering systems, fencing, riparian plantings, etc. Not only will these projects be aiding important species, they will also be adding to your operation, and can be beneficial for weight gain, and drought management.

How Can you Help?

If you have a wetland, stream, man-made water body or riparian area on your property you can help by allowing the MRWCC to monitor those sites! If you would like to be involved or to learn more about this project, please contact Tyler at tyler@mrwcc.ca or 403-647-4035

Funding is provided in part by Environment and Climate Change Canada.