Job Opportunity

The MRWCC and Cows and Fish are co-delivering a new project called Big Stewardship for Little Fish. We are seeking an individual to join our team to work with local landowners, municipalities, and other stakeholders to achieve success of the project. Day-to-day duties of the Riparian Stewardship Coordinator will be administered by the MRWCC. Working with Cows and Fish, the successful candidate will co-lead delivery on education, research, monitoring, and stewardship work towards habitat improvement for at risk fish species.

The project will increase awareness of land use impacts, support Beneficial Management Practices (BMP) skill development, and will seek to implement BMPs on a cost-share basis to improve in-stream and riparian health. The Riparian Stewardship Coordinator, under the supervision of MRWCC and Cows and Fish staff will meet with landowners/managers to coordinate work at project sites, conduct baseline riparian health, plan BMP
implementation, and monitor impacts of project initiatives. The project will also include monitoring and research of tributary sites and the influence they have on mainstem fish habitat availability and quality for small-bodied fish and may include fish sampling and/or water quality monitoring. The candidate will be required to assist in project budgeting, as well as draft, interim and final project reports to partners and funders. The Riparian
Stewardship coordinator will be responsible for presenting progress and results at relevant community meetings, workshops, and conferences.

Please see the PDF below for more details.

Application deadline is March 22nd, 2024.

Please send your cover letter to Tim Romanow at