Canoe the Milk River Sign Series


The river flows are NOT SAFE for recreation at this time. 

This is unlikely to change  for summer 2020.

There has been a reduction in river flows due to diversion structure failure which has resulted in below optimal flow for recreational users. Conditions change rapidly, check the Alberta Rivers (website or app) for the latest flow information. Ideal paddle flows are 12-14 m3/s. 



Remember to be a responsible paddler

Follow Leave No Trace Principles

The Milk River is a popular recreation destination for many. Canoe route signs were erected at common entry points along the river to help people plan their trip and to provide some interesting information about the flora and fauna that can be found in the area.Included on the signs is and idea of the distance and time needed to travel between different points. 

Del Bonita Campground 714 KB JPG

Town of Milk River 692 KB JPG

Gold Springs Campground 721 KB JPG

Coffin Bridge Access 697 KB JPG

Poverty Rock 721 KB JPG

Weir Bridge 731 KB JPG

Writing On Stone Park 731 KB JPG

Deer Creek Bridge 709 KB JPG

Aden Bridge 450 KB JPG