2018 Poster Contest

Poster Contest Information

We would like you to draw a picture that illustrates different animals and species that make their home in our watershed.
Please draw the artwork, using pencil, watercolors, crayon, pastels, and acrylics. Winners will be awarded prizes at the Community Appreciation Forum on March 27th, 2018.
Grades 1-8
If you would like a presentation on the poster contest and animals in the watershed (with hands on materials) please contact Kandra

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We also have kits made up for schools and teachers with a variety of information and resources. Contact Kandra at kandra@mrwcc.ca if you are interested in one. 


MRWCC High School Online Courses

The Milk River Watershed Council Canada (MRWCC) is pleased to offer its interactive online course "Introduction to the Milk River Watershed, Alberta." This 1-credit course is aligned with Alberta Education's Career and Technology Studies (CTS) program under the Natural Resources cluster. The MRWCC course is available for html, mobile, and LMS (Learning Management System) delivery.

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Module 1 Water

Module 2 Soils and Land

Module 3 Forests, Wildlife, and Fish

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